The SIMPL Bedside App


SIMPL Bedside makes assessing bedside procedures for all specialties simple, fast, and secure.


Program leadership is empowered to credential trainees based on assessed experience with SIMPL Bedside.


SIMPL Bedside helps providers appropriately monitor who can and cannot perform bedside procedures without direct supervision.

It is imperative that any trainee performing a bedside procedure without direct supervision is competent. In addition, graduate medical education programs are required by national regulators to have a system in place to monitor and credential trainees to independently perform bedside procedures. SIMPL Bedside is a measurement toolkit designed to assess, certify, monitor, and report about trainee preparedness to perform bedside procedures in all graduate medical education specialties. The SIMPL Bedside toolkit consists of an administrative website for program and institution leadership, a smartphone app for end-users and raters, and other templates that help with regulatory compliance. To learn more about how SIMPL Bedside can be applied at your institution or program, please reach out to us! See the latest SIMPL bedside release notes.

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